The ‘Bovedas”, the Vaults of Santa Catalina and Santa Clara

The-Bovedas-Vaults-of Santa-Catalina-and-Santa-Clara-Cartegena

Name:  The ‘Bovedas”, the Vaults of Santa Catalina and Santa Clara

Place:  Cartagena, Colombia

View:  The range of 23 vaulted chambers under the fortification walls connecting the bastions are known as the ‘Bovedas’.  Originally used for troops and provisions, they later became dungeons.  This view over the complex shows the continuous arcade which fronts the ‘Bovedas’.  UNESCO World Heritage Site, 1984.

Date:  1792 – 1796

Architect:  Antonio de Arevalo

Style or Period:  Colonial Military Design

Catalogue No.  ZC1996

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